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Medicap® Pharmacy and Compounding Center is one of a few full-service compounding pharmacies in Virginia. We offer fast turnaround times, unmatched customer service, and unparalleled quality and safety you can count on. As a proud member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), we have access to the highest quality chemicals and compounding equipment available, and more than 8,000 proprietary formulas that are continuously being reviewed and updated. PCCA is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency, so by choosing our pharmacy for your compounding needs, you can take comfort in knowing that we meet the highest national standards to effectively and efficiently deliver quality compounded medications to you. We serve patients and health care providers, including physicians, physician assistants, dentists, nurse practitioners and veterinarians.

Compounding is a safe and legal practice. The Food and Drug Administration allows products to be compounded as long as licensed providers have written a prescription for a specific patient, to be filled at a licensed facility.

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Compounding For Patients

At Medicap Pharmacy and Compounding Center, we make custom medications tailored to meet your individual needs. Even if you are the only person who needs a certain medication, our pharmacists will work with your healthcare provider to make it for you onsite in our own lab.

By using compounded medications, you can be sure you are receiving the exact dosage your provider wants you to have. You also have the option to eliminate unwanted inactive ingredients, such as dyes, gluten or other allergens commonly found in commercially produced medications. If you take hormones, your body may react better to bioidentical hormone therapy.

We also offer custom compounds for a multitude of pediatric and veterinary medications, which will help your child or pet take their medication with less resistance. For example, if your child or pet cannot or will not swallow pills, we can make a liquid option that can be ingested more easily, and we can flavor it to make it more palatable. When your child or pet doesn’t resist taking their medication, there are fewer spills, less waste and better outcomes.

At Medicap® Pharmacy and Compounding Center, our focus is on your health and wellness. Ask your healthcare providers about prescribing compounded medications to meet your unique needs. Our pharmacists will work with them to customize treatments that work for you and your loved ones.

Compounding for Providers

Every patient has unique needs. That’s why we collaborate with you to determine the ingredients and develop the exact medication your patient needs to get well. A tailored compound can lead to better efficacy than commercially manufactured medications, and better compliance. This in turn can lead to better outcomes for your patients and improved patient satisfaction. Your patients will appreciate the level of individualized care they receive when you order a custom compound for them.

At Medicap Pharmacy and Compounding Center, we go above and beyond industry standards for quality and safety at all times. We take the utmost care to help you provide the most effective treatments for your patients.

Below are some of the more common conditions that can be treated with compounded medications. Please contact our pharmacists at 540-433-6337 if you have a medication you would like us to customize for your patients.

Compounding for Veterinarians

As a veterinarian, you know that today’s pet owners expect an advanced level of care for their beloved animals. Pharmacy compounding is a popular solution for many veterinary problems, and since it is not legal for compounded medications to be dispensed from a veterinary clinic, we create customized, effective formulations for your patients right onsite in our own lab.

Compounded medications are always prepared from FDA-approved animal or human drugs. We are members of the Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America, which means these compounds are always prepared and evaluated in a manner consistent with current potency, purity and stability standards. We take the time to answer pet owners’ questions and even show them how to administer the medications.

We can make custom compounds for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, birds, ferrets, reptiles, and even animals in zoos and aquariums. We can also recreate commercially unavailable medications that have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Our customized preparations allow you to tailor the strength, dosage form and flavor to meet each pet’s specific needs.

As a caring veterinarian, you want what’s best for animals. Working with us allows you to deliver the best possible health care for pets, and happiness of their owners.

Treatment Options

Depending on the animal and condition, various medications can be compounded into flavored oral liquids, topical preparations, and medicated animal treats. Examples include:

  • Topical methimazole gel for treatment of hyperthyroidism
  • Phenobarbital and potassium bromide oral liquid for epilepsy
  • Methocarbamol suspension for rhabdomyolysis in horses
  • Antibiotic and antifungal liquid formulations for infections with appropriate flavoring to help with administration

Pets are special, which is why Medicap Pharmacy and Compounding Center makes veterinary medications a treat! Call us at 540-433-6337 to discuss your veterinary pharmaceutical solutions.

What Our Patients Say

“My surgeon sent me to Medicap Pharmacy and Compounding Center for my skin cancer medication. The pharmacist made the ointment for me in the exact strength my doctor wanted me to have, and I healed quickly. They saved me hundreds of dollars, and even shipped the medication to me since I live in another town.” – Matt S.

“Medicap Pharmacy and Compounding Center makes it easy for me to give my children their medications. They take the worry out of proper dosing, because they make the medications individually just for us. My kids don’t mind taking their medicine because they get to choose the flavors they like.” – Amy A.

“Medicap Pharmacy and Compounding Center takes the stress away from medicating my pet. I have an elderly dog who just won’t take his pills, but when Medicap makes his medicine, they add flavors that dogs love, and he thinks it’s a treat!” –Betty M.